Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Primark now at ASOS?!

Primark and ASOS are two of my favourite places to shop, but I never expected to see both of those names in the same place. 

Primark said it would sell a limited number of items online for a trial period, in order to gain "insight" into online retailing. - BBC news.
I know some people think that primark is cheap (which it was, but some prices are creeping up!) and that it may lower ASOS' reputation, however ASOS' target market is young, fashionable men and women and a lot of them are on a budget, so by stocking Primark, ASOS are expanding again to the more price conscious.      

Stocking Primarni can only do ASOS favours and add to their reputation, but I just can't imagine shopping online at Primark, I love a good rummage around the shop. 

Do you like the idea of Primark being online?


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