Monday, 27 May 2013

Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Treatment Review

Goldwell isn't a brand I am familiar with, I first heard about this hair treatment after reading good reviews on someones blog, and instantly decided I needed it. I bought it from amazon for £7.90 which is a bargain for how well it works, you can buy it here. Goldwell's Kerasilk Treatment is described on the bottle as "Treatment for extremely dry, damaged and unmanageable hair" and advises you to leave it on for between 5-15 minutes depending on the condition of your hair. My hair, after years of trying to grow it is dry, brittle and is full of split ends. After using this treatment once a week for 5 weeks I have noticed a massive difference in the appearance and feel of my hair and that the ends dont break off as they used to. 

After being so impressed with the ultra rich treatment, I am soon going to be buying more Goldwell products. Have you tried any products from Goldwell? 


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