Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly wants - Topshop

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1- This fluorescent cropped jumper is beautiful! I am a magpie for anything fluorescent at the moment and this jumper is a great piece for spring/summer, at £34 it doesn't break the bank either. You can buy it here.

2 - I have a love/hate relationship with Topshop jeans but always end up buying more! These daisy print Leigh jeans will look lovely in summer with some gladiator sandals and a crop top, they are £40. You can buy them here.

3- I am in need of some new summer shoes and these would be perfect. They will go with anything, and I can see myself wearing them with a cute little dungarees, they are £30. You can buy them here.

4- This pretty pastel spotted denim skirt caught my eye, it would look lovely with a tan! I thought £30 was a little expensive for a skirt, but it is so pretty i don't know if i can resist! You can buy it here.

5- I love this embossed backpack and have been looking for a nice leather one at car boots and in charity shops recently. A while ago I saw a black one in Primark, didn't buy it and have regretted it ever since. This bag is £75, which for me is a lot to spend on a bag. However, it is made from leather and suede so the quality is likely to be great. You can buy it here.

Is there anything you have your eye on in Topshop at the moment?



  1. Love that yellow jumper! I am so bad with Topshop I go on the site like every week to browse xx

  2. ps. do you have bloglovin? I'd love to follow but cant find the button xx

    1. I do, I've just put the link at the top of this post. Thank you :) xx